Friends don't let friends drink bad wine.

At The Wine Community, we believe that wholeheartedly, which is why we’re the only wine membership that gives you FREE, full-sized wine samples with every purchase, and let you earn even more free wine for simply doing what you already do- telling your friends about that awesome drop you just had.

The concept is simple- only offer seriously good quality wines that you'll actually WANT to tell your friends about. How do we know it’s good wine? We let YOU choose! Every time you buy wine from us, we’ll give you 3 full-sized samples of new wines to try for FREE. You taste them, and let us know what you think. If the Wine Community likes it, we keep it, and if the Wine Community doesn’t like it, we chuck it and find new wines for everyone to try.

The best part? For every wine you review, you’ll earn a $10 voucher! AND, you also have the chance to earn even more FREE wine when you share those awesome drops with your friends, it’s just a way of rewarding you for spreading the love.

So go on. If you love it, share it.

So go on. If you love it, share it.

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