2019 Wertheimer Tauberklinge

Region/Country: Tauberfranken, Baden, Germany
Vintage: 2019
ALC/Vol: 11%
Deutscher Qualitätswein
Serving Temperature: 8-10°


The Baden wine region, is the southernmost and third largest in Germany. Its vineyards are nestled between the hills of the Black Forest and the Rhine River, extending some 400km from north to south. The grape Schwarzriesling, whilst it literally means “Black Riesling,” is not actually related to Riesling at all and is better known as Pinot Meunier and used widely in Champagne. This black grape with clear juices is perfect for making rose wines and here it does not disappoint. Aromas of strawberries is followed by a burst of red fruit in the mouth and makes this wine the perfect drink for that sunny afternoon out on the terrace.