Italy, the worlds largest producer of wine is indeed a great mystery and marvel to many lovers of wine. Wine making in Italy is a national past time, barely a village exists without its own wines. The sheer scale and volume of wine produced across the country is phenomenal. To truly understand, take a trip through picturesque towns and you will see rollings hills painted with vines. Venture into the local butcher and you will find bottles of stuff you've never heard of let alone tasted. 60% of wine produced in Italy is consumed in country which tells us a lot about how much love and time for wine there is in for their own product! Truth be known, we wouldn't be surprised if most Italian wine is consumed within 5km of its vineyard. 

Region Highlight


This little known region is a treasure-trove of art, food, wine and stunning landscapes. Nestled between the coast and its more famous wine regions of Abruzzo and Puglia, Molise has a rich history of wine in its own right. 

Since 500B.C. this fertile land has been quietly producing its own unique and special wines. For red varieties we have Aglianico, Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon of importance/ For whites the lesser known Bombino Bianco, Greco, Fiano, Malvasia.

Wines of Italy

Italy's contribution to the world of wine is enormous, not the least of which is its extraordinary grapes - Sangiovese, Montipulciano, Nebbiolo, & Pinot Grigio. As a wine growing region, Italy has stunning cool climate mountain ranges, maritime and sun soaked coastal regions, and dry demanding outcrops.  

2017 Broccardo Barolo El Pi Bon DOCG
2017 Broccardo Barolo El Pi Bon DOCG
2017 Broccardo Barolo El Pi Bon DOCG
2017 Broccardo Barolo El Pi Bon DOCG


Barolo - El Pi Bon DOCG

The King of Wine, The Wine of Kings - Barolo is made from Nebbiolo one of the greatest of grapes in the wine world.

“El Pì Bon”, Piedmontese for “the best in taste”, matures for 24 months in French oak barrels, which creates a massive concentration of fruit aromas and a pronounced tannin content. In the glass it captivates with a deep red. The scent is elegant with spicy aromas of cinnamon and pepper, but also fruit aromas of cherries and blackberries penetrate the nose. The taste is full-bodied with a powerful character and yet velvety soft in the finish.

Italian Wine Classification

The sheer scale and diversity of Italian wine is quite incredible. The Romans themselves can be credited for having an overwhelming positive influence on wine making and its proliferation across Europe.

To enable consumers to understand the quality of the wine they are buying and drinking, a simple four tier system exists that recognises the increasing quality in the wine. 

Wine without a geographical indication is called Vino da Tavola, or VdT, which means “table wine.” Table wines are made from grapes grown anywhere in Italy and are rarely of high enough quality to be bottled for the European market or export to the US.

Varietal Insight


A medium bodied varietal that offers up loads of floral and berry flavours and aromas. As the grape handles heat well it is often found in the south of France.

Rarely found in Australia, this grape is an excellent base for wines that offer up medium bodied experiences without the heavy tannins found in so many great Aussie wines. 


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